Flight Liability Insurance

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What is drone insurance?

Drone insurance is the product we use to lower the amount of risk you pose to your sUAS, other people, inanimate objects, and to the insurance company’s costs. Safe operation is paramount. Drone insurance acts like any other insurance policy. If you lose your drone or get into an accident, the company will cover your damage and liability costs to a certain extent. Insurance companies want pilots to have operating manuals, maintenance logs, and a record of parts or add-ons they’ve purchased. These items, along with proof of training or of planning to get trained, indicate that you’re a safe flyer or want to become one.

How Much Does Drone Insurance Cost?

Drone insurance is a necessity for every project and each particular project will depend on the fly zone that we will be operating in – cost for $1million coverage under normal circumstances is $10 an hour and will be included as a line item on your invoice. Costs Vary

We carry from $1 million up to $5 million drone liability insurance per flight. Michigan Drone Videography uses:

Drone Registration

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) now requires every drone owner to register each drone that is purchased weighing over .55lbs.  If your drone is NOT registered you may be subject to the legal consequences defined in the U.S. Government drone regulation terms.

Fill out the online Drone Registration Application in less than 5 minutes. Our agents will review your application for omissions and errors. Now that the FAA drone registration system has gone live, our experts will start your registration process and a registration certificate will be emailed to you shortly after. At that stage, you will receive a registration number to mark on each drone that will be tied directly to the owner.